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Male Breast Enlargement: Avalon Essentials is the industry leader in natural transgender hormone therapy, male breast enhancement, male-to-female breast enlargement, and MTF feminization. When our male breast enlargement pills were first made available in 1996, we had just invented cutting-edge transgender women’s feminization technology. Our male breast enlargement medications alter the epigenome.
Avalon Essentials offer the world's most influential male breast augmentation. A cutting- edge technique for hormone modification and bodily modification for transgender women is called Transfemme®.

We provide ground-breaking items that empower males and transsexual women.

The Customer Success Team of Program Advisors at Avalon Essentials is committed to assisting guys, men transitioning to women, and transgender women to achieve their feminine objectives and enjoy the pleasures of having soft, big, round breasts.
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Male to female hormone therapy Male Breast Enlargement in Transgender

Transfemme® natural transgender hormone treatment and male breast enlargement tablets comprise natural glandular extracts that are potentized utilizing a proprietary quantum technology, targeting the male body to convert testosterone into estrogen, leaving your body full of excess estrogen.
Due to the brain’s deception that enough testosterone is made due to these high serum levels of natural estrogen, the body’s testosterone production is further delayed. This occurs as a result of testosterone receptors in your brain’s hypothalamus becoming saturated with estrogen. The saturated hypothalamus ceases producing a hormone to the pituitary gland to induce luteinizing hormone release for testosterone production by the gonads.

Thus, a high estrogen level can prevent testosterone from being produced generally in the testicles. It’s good news for MTF transwomen who need to get rid of testosterone and for trans guys who want to have larger breasts naturally.

The testosterone receptor sites in cells across the body subsequently take up the estrogen. Serum testosterone's capacity to create a male hormonal signal is blocked when an estrogen molecule binds to a testosterone receptor site on a cell membrane. No matter how much extra estrogen there is, it will still compete for the same cellular receptor sites, regardless of how much serum-free testosterone is there.
Extra estrogen also boosts the body's production of sex hormone-binding globulin, which is an additional advantage (SHBG). Free testosterone in the blood is bound by SHBG, blocking its access to cell receptor sites.
When estrogen levels rise, the body produces more SHBG, which binds to any free testosterone and renders it inactive. Cell membrane testosterone receptors are unable to bind to testosterone. It is necessary to maintain testosterone in the bloodstream in the "free" form, unbound to SHBG, in order for it to create male sexual traits. The testosterone receptor sites in the brain's and genitals' sex centers are under competition from your new excess estrogen hormone levels.
Only Transgender Hormones and How Estrogen Competes for Testosterone Receptor Sites Affect Male to Female and Transgender Women
This means that you will feminize naturally without the use of strong medicines, invasive blood tests, or humiliating doctor appointments.
Thousands of men who wish to enjoy having masculine breasts, just like transgender women do, are having amazing success with Transfemme®. For the majority of women, noticeable improvement happens right away; the areola and/or nipples are typically the first and fastest improvements. Results from Transfemme® vary from person to person and typically range from one cup size in three to four months.
Two times daily, on an empty stomach, take four tablets. There are 90 or 270 capsules in each container. We advise a three-month supply or more depending on your starting and your desired size.
We suggest ingesting 50 grams of whey protein isolate in shake form each day.
You can purchase whey protein isolate from us at a discount. To order Whey Power Plus protein powder, please give us a call.
Please read our FAQ section for more information on how Transfemme® creates a feminine body shape. The first male breast enlargement system, Transfemme®, was built in 1996. Information on other websites paraphrased from our writing is plagiarized and shows that the author does not understand the subject.