Bovine Ovary Pills for Men

Bovine ovary pills are known to be effective supplements for breast enlargement. It works based on glandular therapy, meaning the pills support weak human glands in secreting hormones that stimulate breast growth.
Are you curious about bovine ovary pills? Or interested in trying them out? Let this article help you out. Read on to learn more about bovine ovary pills.

How do they work?

In medical terms, the term “bovine” refers to anything derived from a cow. It may seem unusual that something “bovine” would support breast growth, but it’s actually quite amazing how it works. Bovine ovary pills contain freeze-dried ovaries obtained from the female cow. 

Once ingested, it stimulates the pituitary gland, giving it a boost as it secretes hormones. This then can boost estrogen production, therefore stimulating breast growth. (Here’s an important distinction: bovine ovary pills themselves don’t contain estrogen, but they can stimulate hormone secretion.) 

Who can use bovine ovary pills?

Bovine ovary pills are usually used by men who would like to develop their female secondary sex characteristics, specifically breasts. They are popular among transgender women, as these are often typically used during transition.
Women can also use bovine ovary pills to develop bigger breasts (except for those who are pregnant or nursing.) As always, it’s always best to consult a physician first.

Important things to remember when taking bovine ovary pills

Bovine ovary pills are best taken with protein shakes. Your pituitary gland is just a part of a whole, and your whole body needs to be healthy to aid the pituitary gland in its functions. The protein and amino acids contained in protein shakes can give this process a boost.

At Transfemme, our bovine ovary pills are at 525mg per capsule. The required dosage is two to three capsules a day for women, and eight capsules a day for transgenders.

Bovine ovary pills are safe to use, as long as you follow the recommended dosage. Taking more than the recommended dosage can lead to disorders such as atherosclerosis, thick arteries, diabetes, and problems in the major organs like the liver, kidney, and heart 

It does take some time for breasts to grow. It typically takes six months up to a year for you to see major changes. Trust the process, as this is your body’s way of coping and adjusting to the changes it experiences. As your body naturally contains estrogen, these pills give that estrogen production process a boost, which allows your breasts to grow over time, not overnight

Interested to learn more about bovine ovary pills for men? Let Transfemme help you out

At Transfemme, we’ve used our proprietary laser encoding equipment to create our exclusive, industry-pioneering bovine ovary MTF enhancement pills. As information regarding these pills circulating around the internet can sometimes be confusing (and downright untrue), we recommend that you only seek guidance from this website and our customer support team. 

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